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Masonic Lodge Muses #33 - freemasonry in St. Petersburg

Even though freemasonry is the largest fraternal initiation-based organisation in the world, and a lot has been said and written about it, it is still quite difficult to see the real picture. Unfortunately, there is a long and solid tradition of mystification and falsification.

We can hardly offer a short definition of freemasonry, as the Russian language even does not have proper words for this notion. For example, how can we translate into Russian “fraternal organisations” — the name of a section of the ‘yellow pages’ where foreign countries list the masonic bodies?

Our definitions will not meet the requirements of the formal logic, because in our reality we are able to define freemasonry by descriptions, and often the long ones.

So, we could say that freemasonry is a voluntary union of free self-sufficient men. The union has its structure, it has a certain hierarchy, involves a lot of traditions, and life within the union is regulated by so called masonic protocol. It is an international union, it consists of more than two hundred international bodies, called Grand Lodges, they maintain active communication by corresponding with, and visiting each other.

Freemasonry is a very private organisation, and it openly states that some of its internal procedures, rituals, and rules, will not be disclosed. And the fact that masonic rituals and rules are well described really does not matter, as masonic management prefer not to comment on the descriptions.

Freemasonry has an office in Russia and there is a lot of useful open information about it at the website of Grand Lodge Russia.

Lodge Muses No.33 in ST. Petersburg